French Polynesia

Welcome to Mo’orea!

Tahiti, it is a pretty amazing place.  Volcanic mountains line the landscape while lush forestry rolls into white sand beaches and clear blue water. The whole feel of the place is exotic, a perfect honeymoon spot.

We spend most of our time in Mo’orea, a 45 minute ferry ride away from tahiti. The island is small enough to be able to travel between the different resorts and restaurants there within 15 minutes. Most restaurants even provide free pickup/dropoff. Over our stay, we checked out 3 different resorts: Manava, Intercontinental, and Hilton. Hilton was definitely the best in terms of location and upkeep.

Overall this was the best place we have visited so far. We would not come back though, just because of how expensive it is. It is definitely a must see at some point though!

Tours I recommend:

Highlights from the trip!

helmet dive stingraybungalow viewtour mountain viewchicken curry

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