Jade Mountain | Paradise in the Caribbean


  • Rated #1 resort in the Caribbean
  • Private infinity pools offering unobstructed views of the pitons and the sea
  • Guests are assigned to their own major domos for personalized butler service
  • Open wall design without the 4th  wall blends luxury and spectacular views
  • Exciting land and sea activities to discover the best of St. Lucia
  • Experience fine dining at Jade Mountain Club or sister resort Anse Chastanet
  • Unwind and relax at two beautiful beaches accessible by foot or resort shuttle


St. Lucia is one of those mesmerizing islands that you will never forget! Maybe it’s the majestic Pitons (famous mountain peaks) or perhaps the sparkling blue sea that leaves you breathless and feeling in heaven! This is the kind of place you see on postcards or pretty much any article on romantic honeymoon getaways that has you dreaming of your next vacation! There are white sandy beaches, snorkeling adventures, Caribbean’s only drive-in Volcano, and of course the home to the architectural marvel that is Jade Mountain Resort. Nick Troubetzkoy is the visionary architect and designer bringing the harmony of nature and sophistication to one of the most breathtaking locations imaginable! Jade Mountain is perfectly perched high above the 600 acre beach front resort of Anse Chastanet offering panoramic views of the majestically rising pitons and the glistening sea down below.  This is truly heaven of all heavens where every moment feels out of this world!

Location & Getting There:

The ultimate island escape, Jade Mountain is located on the southwest side of St Lucia just past the seaside town of Soufriere. There are plenty of daily flights and major Airlines servicing the main Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) in the south of the island which is the closest to the property.  You can see the lush landscape of the island if you happen to be flying during the daytime, we were blown away and even more excited at our first glimpse of the towering mountains, the petit and gros piton! Alternatively, if you want to feel an adrenaline rush and experience the most incredible journey, you can also opt for a Helicopter transfer with views you will never forgot.  You can land directly onto the Jade Mountain’s helipad after a short 6 minute flight, talk about a VIP entrance! We really enjoyed the scenic 45 minute car ride going through town and then making its way up the hill, the path gets narrow and bumpy at the end but that only further added to the excitement of reaching its secluded location! You may be tempted to stop and take photos as soon as you see the pitons, but you will soon realize that the view only gets better when you arrive!


Wow, where do I begin to describe the sanctuaries? The outside world fades and time stands still as soon as you enter your room, or as they call it at Jade, sanctuaries! When we were first escorted into our sanctuary, our major domo looked at us and said “Will this do”?  I looked at my husband with my eyes wide open and completely speechless, thinking is this really our home for the next 4 days? 

There are 29 open air concept hillside rooms with the 4th wall replaced with sprawling views of the pitons and Caribbean Sea.  Every morning you can wake up to fresh air, the sound of the birds chirping, and the sun rising over the pitons! Majority of the sanctuaries feature mosaic tiled oversized infinity pools with the water always flowing and kept at the perfect warm temperature for swimming any time of the day!  Needless to say, this is definitely where I spent most of my time! We welcomed the few birds that flew in and visited us and never had any problem with bugs (the beds are canopy screened and our major domo would come in every night and light a mosquito coil).

A beautiful sunset captured from our room!
A lazy afternoon with room service in paradise

We had the pleasure of staying in the amazing Sun Sanctuary, these are around 2000 square feet and are uniquely positioned on higher levels and in the corner for a sweeping panoramic view. Walking to our room felt like a grand entrance with our own private bridge!

The room features a massive 900 square feet infinity pool, indoor and outdoor living area as well as a raised bathroom with a jetted tub & shower towering over the living space where you can see the ocean and pitons! With views from every angle of the room, you will never have to take your eyes off the beauty of St.Lucia!

There’s even place to sit in the pool and enjoy a delicious meal to the most spectacular views in all of the island!

You will notice unbelievable attention to detail with tropical wood furniture, soaring ceilings, and fiber optics to illuminate the infinity pool at night. Here are some of the other sanctuaries to choose from!


The largest and most exclusive sanctuary! These are uniquely positioned on the south-west corner of Jade Mountain and offer unbelievable panoramic views with an average of 2000 square feet and an infinity you will never want to leave at 900 square feet


These are 1600-1950 square feet with infinity pools averaging 650 square feet and placed on multiple levels of the property


These are between 1400 – 1800 square feet with an infinity pool of 450 square feet placed on multiple levels of the property


These rooms are located on the lower hillside of the property and do not come with an infinity pool but includes a massive chromatherapy bathtub, high ceilings, and overall square footage of around 1650

Restaurants & Dining:

There is a reason the dining here is referred to as “Jade Cuisine”.   Dining at the main open air restaurant, Jade Mountain Club, is an experience in itself! Celebrating the bold tropical flavors of St. Lucia, award winning chefs bring you a carefully curated menu of elegant and contemporary cuisine set among the stunning backdrop of the pitons rising above the sea! We looked forward to our 4 course dinner every evening as the sun slowly set and with the menu rotating daily, there was always something new and exciting to try! Every meal was presented with appetizing presentation, excellent service, and delectable flavors that far exceeded any meal we had in St. Lucia-and this is our 3rd time on the island!

Entrance to Jade Mountain Club

With the rooms offering utmost comfort, luxury, and spectacular views, it’s totally understandable that you may not want to leave your private oasis! Needless to say, room service is a very popular option here! I spent hours every day swimming and floating in our pool, and one evening we decided to just stay in and enjoy the sunset from our room and not worry about getting ready!  We called our major domo and he arranged an amazing romantic dinner in our room with each meal brought separately to us! On this evening, we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and returning to Jade Mountain after almost 4 years- we visited once before for lunch at Jade Mountain Club and we knew we would return one day to stay!  

Breakfast with a view!  Mornings in St. Lucia are bright and sunny and with this view we simply didn’t want to leave our sanctuary! Every night we would fill our breakfast form choosing all the yummy items to have delivered to our sanctuary the next morning at our desired time! This was definitely my favorite poolside meal and as you can see we had quite an appetite!

There are plenty other dining options too offered by Anse Chastanet located directly below Jade Mountain that guests can take a quick resort shuttle or stroll over to.

  • Trou au Diable Beach Restaurant
    We had breakfast here on our last day and loved sitting by the ocean with the waves splashing against the rocks, gave us all the island vibes!  At dinner time, the restaurant transforms in Apsara featuring an East Asian inspired menu!
  •  Jungle Bar and Grill
    This is another great lunch spot to visit when you are having a relaxing lounge day at the Anse Mamin Beach. Known for offering the best burger on the island!
  •  Treehouse Restaurant 
    Located along the hillside, enjoy breakfast and dinner with a menu featuring modern Caribbean Cuisine
  • Bars
    Piton Bar, Beach Bar, & the Jungle Bar

We were on the MAP (Breakfast & Dinner) meal plan and that was plenty sufficient for us to try everything we wanted to! If you want to indulge in everything the resort offers for dining and drinks, check out their all-inclusive plan and you won’t have to worry about what the bill comes to!


Jade Mountain is a resort within a resort! Enjoy the exclusivity of Jade Mountain plus Anse Chastanet’s restaurants & bars, scuba center, art gallery, exciting water sports and beautiful beaches! One of the coolest personal touches is having our own major domo and a resort cell phone to call them whenever and for whatever our needs may be, even bringing a book down to the beach to read!

Speaking of beaches, Jade Mountain guests can enjoy two soft sand beaches with plenty of coconut trees and snorkeling right off the shore! The first beach is the Anse Chastanet beach where you can cozy up in your own hut with towel service and have delicious tropical fruits served to you!

Anse Chastanet Beach

The second beach is Anse Mamin, this has a more romantic vibe and can be reached by resort shuttle or a quick 10 min scenic walk along the shore from Anse Chastanet beach! The beaches are surrounded by towering lush hills and even feature black sand!

Anse Mamin Beach

One of the great things about Jade is the many complimentary amenities offered! For example, every morning you can enjoy one of the most scenic and peaceful yoga sessions on the famous celestial terrace. We ended the day with some delicious cocktails and star gazing from the terrace. What a relaxing way to start and end the day in paradise!

During your stay, you absolutely have to experience the onsite Kai en Cie spa! If you don’t want to leave the beauty and peacefulness of your room, you can even ask for the spa to come to you! My husband and I really enjoyed our couples massage, it doesn’t get much more relaxing than this!


St. Lucia is my absolute favorite Caribbean Island because you get the perfect mix of adventure, discovery, dramatic landscape and luxury! Jade Mountain does a great job of bringing all of those elements together in their extensive catalog of excursions & activities to immerse yourself in the beauty of the island!  Whether it’s your first time here or returning back, here are some of the top must do experiences!

  • Sailing
    We went on a very romantic sunset sail onboard a yacht along the coastline and saw the majestic Pitons up close and even spotted Jade Mountain high up on the cliff!  You will soon realize this is definitely one of the most scenic settings in all of the Caribbean and seeing it from the sea is just so magical, it feels like you are in a movie!  If you are celebrating a special occasion, definitely book this activity! We were treated to rum punch and variety of delicious hors d’oeuvre as we sailed into the sunset with the gentle waves rocking the boat!
  • Scuba St. Lucia PADI 5-Star resort scuba center with full diving program
    Whether you like diving or snorkeling, there is plenty of sea life to explore and the resort has several excursions daily to choose from! If you are lucky, you will even spot a sting ray!
  • Watersports including sunfish sailing, windsurfing, sit-on-top kayaks
  • Sulfur Springs, Mud Baths, Diamond Falls and Botanical Garden
    This tour is perfect for visitors coming to St Lucia for the first time looking to try something new and see the highlights of the island that make it so unique! Just ask your major domo and they will arrange a customized itinerary for you!


Staying at Jade Mountain has been an absolute dream and I can’t wait to return! We spent 3 nights but I could easily stay the whole week and never run out of things to do or get tired of the amazing views from every corner of the property.  Our stay felt like a secret hideaway nestled high up in the mountains in the most picturesque sanctuary that embodies luxury, privacy, and comfort! We have traveled extensively and I can easily say that Jade Mountain is a true bucket list destination that far exceeded our expectations! I will never forget the moment we walked onto the property and saw the dazzling kaleidoscope of colors in the infinity pool flowing seamlessly into the outdoors-this is what makes Jade Mountain feel like a movie setting that fully embraces the beauty of St.Lucia!  Our experience was amazing down to the private transfer on our last day to the airport, we were even provided with a packed bag of treats for the journey! Jade Mountain left no stone unturned in making our stay perfect!

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