Bora Bora | Four Seasons Resort

  • Ultimate luxury and comfort in the overwater bungalows & beachfront villa estates
  • Exclusive concierge services to plan out every detail of the trip for a no stress experience
  • Unobstructed views of the iconic Mount Otemanu can be seen around the property
  • Lagoon sanctuary full of exotic reef and colorful fishes that swim right up to you
  • Enjoy a memorable dining experience inspired by the French with 4 unique restaurants
  • Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment over a glass panel watching the active marine life
  • Choose from several activities to explore and discover the beauty of the island


A true dream come true, Bora Bora is everything and more than the postcards and advertisements you might have seen! We simply could not stop saying how beautiful the place is, it’s one of those “pinch me” moments that you just can’t believe you are living! We have a special place in our hearts for French Polynesia, it’s our second time back in the country but first time to this most exotic island in the world! I am so excited to share my blissful tropical experience staying at the breathtaking Four Seasons Bora Bora.

Location & Getting There

A five star resort on a private island only reachable by boat? Take me back to paradise! The journey may seem long, but you will find it so worth it when you get that first glimpse of Bora Bora from your flight window!

French Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean is comprised of many small islands, Bora Bora is the most well-known and for a good reason; soft white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and the ultimate luxury and seclusion! All international flights arrive in Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti where you will then catch a scenic 50 minute domestic flight to Bora Bora Airport also known as Motu Mute Airport. From the moment you land, you will be taken away by the turquoise color of the water and the fact that the airport is located in a lagoon! It was definitely the most beautiful airport we have ever landed into, it felt like we were in a whole other world!

Once we arrived, we were treated like VIP with a Four Seasons boat waiting to whisk us away to our home away from home. It was simply the most exciting and scenic 15 min boat ride gliding across the glistening turquoise waters taking in the backdrop of the majestic mountain peak. And the view only got better as we approached the resort!


Dreams of staying in a thatched-roof over water bungalow in the middle of the sea come true in the most magical way at the Four Seasons! We had the pleasure of staying in what I believe is the most beautiful hotel room in the world, the mountain facing overwater bungalow with a private plunge pool and direct access to the ocean! Would you spend the whole day in your room while on vacation? Well, we had the best view on the island right from our room, so of course we spent the first day just soaking up this iconic view from our pool! We could even see this view of the mountains and sea from the oversized indoor tub with large sliding wooden windows or right from lying on the bed! You don’t have to miss the views here for even a second, it’s like they follow you!

These airy bungalows come with traditional teak furnishings, high ceiling, and a separate living room offering plenty of space and a relaxing ambience. You will find it very hard to leave the comfort of your room!

One of my new favorite things to do quickly became jumping in the water right from our deck. Btw, there is even an outdoor shower on the deck, this was definitely the most scenic shower experience I will probably ever have!

 We also got to experience the lagoon view overwater bungalow plunge pool suite which gave us a different perspective of the island and the ever changing bright colors of the water!

You can also opt to stay at one of the luxurious beachfront villa estates, perfect for large groups offering the very best in privacy and space!

Restaurants & Dining

Wow where do I begin to describe the incredible culinary experience we had with rich influences of French and Polynesia cuisines! There are several exciting dining options to look forward to and every meal we had was simply delicious and featured a view to remember! The staff here go above and beyond to deliver top notch service with attention to detail, they remembered all our dietary restrictions and tailored our meals accordingly!

  • Vaimiti Also known as the sunset restaurant and bar featuring sushi and other Asian inspired dishes, this was definitely my favorite way to wind down the day. We had refreshing cocktails during their happy hour and saw fiery red sunsets which made for a very romantic atmosphere!
  • Tere Nui With so many selections to choose from, breakfast quickly became my favorite meal of the day in this open air thatched room restaurant with so many palm trees all around! I especially loved starting my morning with fresh coconut juice right from the coconut along with the most delectable fluffy French toast I have ever had!
Special tropical breakfast right on the beach!
  • Fare Hoa Beach Bar Located right by the beach, the lagoon, and the pool, this restaurant has all the island vibes! On Monday nights they have a Polynesian dinner show featuring exotic dishes alongside lively entertainment of traditional Polynesian dances and even a fire show! There is also live music every night, our dinners here were definitely one to remember!
  • Arii Moana This is a very fancy and elegant French restaurant for the most formal dining experience
  • Sunset Motu Celebrate a very special occasion with dinner on your own private mini island with each course brought to you by a traditional outrigger canoe! A experience so unique to the Four Seasons Bora Bora!
  • In Room Dining We decided to order in during our last night and take it easy with some delicious Indian food & a classic burger right on the deck of our bungalow while watching the stars above us! It was a perfect evening in paradise!
A delicious cheese burger with sweet potato fries cooked to perfection
Who knew you could get Butter Chicken in paradise!! We finished all of it, it was soo good!

Most people come to Bora Bora to experience ultimate relaxation! So of course the SPA here is everything you would hope for at 5 star resort! You can choose to have a couples massage in an overwater spa suite nestled in a tropical setting with glass panels above the lagoon where you can watch the fishes swim by! There is even an outdoor Jacuzzi that overlooks mount Otemanu.

The pool here is one of the best maintained and serviced I have ever come across. As soon as you approach the pool, there is a friendly staff member bringing you towels and water bottles! From the pool you can see the tall coconut trees along the beach and the turquoise lagoon with views of Mount Otemanu! Remember I said you never have to miss this view no matter where you are on the island? 

There are huts along the back of the pool with comfy mattresses where you can easily spend the day lounging away!

The soft sand beach here is a great way to spend the day, especially with the little huts to lounge in during a hot day! We loved coming down here at the end of the day to enjoy some drinks while watching the sunset! It’s probably my most favorite view on the island because you can see just about everything that makes Bora Bora so dazzling!

Laying on this Hammack was absolutely peaceful and relaxing!

Activities Center

When you manage to leave the comfort of your room, you will find there is so much of the island to explore and discover!  The activities center opens bright and early so you can start your water adventures early in the day when the weather is not yet too hot! One morning we took a canoe around the lagoon and went up to the sunset motu (mini island in the middle of the lagoon), we felt like we were in the movie cast away!

You can also book guided tours to go snorkeling in some of the bluest waters you will ever come across with diverse marine life!  We saw manta rays, kissed sting rays, and even swam with a group of eagle rays! It was such a surreal experience being so close to the animals and still feeling very safe! We even got to circle around the island during the tour, it’s actually a lot bigger than you think!


We decided to capture our favorite moments here with the most gorgeous backdrop by hiring a photographer to take our pictures! We had the pleasure of working with Stephan and Bonnie of BoraBoraPhotoVideo who took beautiful photos during our fun shoot around the resort with so many picture perfect photo locations! After all the best part when your trip comes to an end is to have photos to look back and share with family and friends!


A place like no other, you simply have to see it to believe it! Every part of Bora Bora and walking around the property feels like a painting, I often found myself at a loss of words to describe how I felt about the beauty and serenity of the place! This is now my favorite island in the world, a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure offering something for everyone! Most popular among honeymooners, Four Seasons Bora Bora oozes romance, luxury, and absolute seclusion. Leave your worries and stress of daily life behind, you won’t think about it here for even a second!

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